Wolfgang is not just about the material and the design. It is the sum of our respective life missions, woven into the fabric of our wolf attire. It is the freedom of each individual, each approach to life and each opinion - tied together by the values we all hold dear.

Everything we do originates in the country we call home. We reject the fast-paced nature of the contemporary transience. Instead, we favour a more mindful, relaxed and sustainable approach. We emphasise simplicity and quality. We choose materials that are fine and comfortable, with the potential of serving the gang for as long as possible. We do stay up to date and enjoy fashion trends, but never embrace them. We take the edge off trends and strive to come up with design that will please us through many seasons. The comfort it provides is what helps us get our story across to the rest of the world. Or, conversely, there might be no message at all. We alone hold the freedom of this choice. The power of the pack lies in the belief that there is value in perseverance, in the search for an optimal course, and that the journey itself can be the destination. With the right companions at one's back. Wolves take care of the older and weaker members of their pack and raise pups together. They never give up and never stop playing. They contemplate, dream, communicate intelligently and devise plans. We follow these wise creatures' example and listen to our inner voice. We dress our naked bodies in our wolf–wear and believe that you, too, might gladly do the same — like those who have been accompanying us on our journey, since 2012.


We are open to all good ideas and enjoy collaborating with various creatives. Our activities includes custom production and wholesale. If you'd like to discuss an idea or partner up for a project, let us know.


Run with wolves.